Are They biting?

Nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

Caught In The Web


Getting this image was a challenge.  I was using my point and shoot, a Canon ELPH 340, which does not have much for manual control.  The problem was to get my focus on the web rather than defaulting to the ship in the background.  The solution was to set focus on the window frame which was close enough to the web to allow me to capture the web and maintain the hazy, fog shrouded boat slip.

Welcome to the Little Blue Bridge

During this summer of 2016, I will be working part time as a bridge operator for the Minnesota Slip Bridge, known locally as the “Little Blue Bridge.”  Although I began posting stories about my time at the bridge on my photography blog, Northern Visions Media, I decided I wanted to keep a separate blog for my experiences at the bridge.  Of course this will include photography.  The location lends itself to loads of photo opportunities of scenery and people.  Hope you find time to enjoy the summer with me.