Superior Man Marathon

The fifth annual edition of the Superior Man Triathlon took place while I was working today.  I had a front row seat from which to observe portions of the swimming, biking and running event.  Bravo to all who participated in the event.

Time To Leave

The 2016 Tall Ships Festival is over and all but one of the ships have left Duluth.  The El Galeon Andalucia stayed a couple of extra days to allow more time for tours.  The Appledore V and Mist of Avalon left either last night or early in the morning, so I was unable to get photos of their exit.  The finale was when the U. S. Coast Guard buoy tender collected the buoys that marked the security boundary for the event.

Afternoon Paddle

After another tough day on the Little Blue Bridge, I dashed home, change clothes and loaded up my kayak.  I wanted to paddle along the row of tall ships and get a different perspective of the ships from the water and it was fun seeing the Minnesota Slip Bridge in operation from a different point of view.  Not only that, I also got a nice profile shot of the “World’s Largest Duck”, and the American Century as she entered under the Aerial Lift Bridge.  It was fun to share the up close experience with several other kayakers.

Tall Ships Highlights, Part 2

Sunday, August 21, 7 AM to 3 PM

It was another busy day on this, the final day of the tall ships festival.  People were lining up by 7:30 AM for events that opened at 9 AM.  By midmorning the crowds were building and by noon, Canal Park was packed with visitors to the festival.

Tall Ships Festival Highlights

Friday, August 19, 2016

I was fortunate to not have to work at the Minnesota Slip Bridge on Thursday, the day the Tall Ships arrived, but I did have to work on Friday.  Like Thursday, the crowds have been quite large as this event is bringing visitors from all over the country.  Managing the pedestrians and the boat traffic has been very challenging, requiring extra help at each end of the bridge when we need to open the bridge for boats.  Luckily, help came when needed.  For those who are wondering, the duck is 61 feet tall, about the height of a six-story building, and weighing in at 11 tons, equaling roughly 3,000 real ducks.

Busy Day In The Harbor

Nothing like being entertained all day by boat traffic in the harbor, which made this day very entertaining.  Also present were charter fishing boats, sailboats, motor boats, kayaks and jet skis.   All that action between 7 AM and 3 PM.