Out of the Cocoon

In my last post the Minnesota Slip Bridge was cocooned in tarps for painting.  The wraps have been removed and the new paint work revealed.  To my eye, the bridge seems to lean a bit to the teal side of blue, but looks great nonetheless.  However, I’m not sure about the yellow fish.  It does make them stand out more than when they were a shade of green. Perhaps the color will grow on me over time.

Although the bridge is mostly done, there is still ongoing work in the slip.  The seawall is being worked on and this September it is anticipated that the William A. Irvin will be moved from the slip to allow for cleaning of the slip and painting of the Irvin.  Moving the Irvin will be quite the feat as there is only fifteen inches of clearance for her to navigate through as she goes through the slip bridge.  I hope I can be present when she makes the transit.


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