Big Blue Bridge


For me, it’s the end of another season at the Minnesota Slip Bridge and I thought I would close with a shot of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge lit in blue.  Have a great fall and winter, hope to meet you all back here next spring.

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I’ve witnessed this a couple of times.  A boat pulls up to the seawall and meets someone delivering food.  Kudos to the restaurant that is willing to be flexible on where they will deliver.

By The Water


The Canada Steamship Lines “Baie Comeau” heads for the lake.

Normally, much of my time by the water is while working at the Minnesota Slip Bridge.  Last week I took a break from the bridge to spend some time in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Instead of watching the ships go by, I was watching other canoes, loons, eagles and osprey.  One thing is for sure, any time spent by the water is quality time.  For me, it makes no difference if it’s the inner harbor in Duluth, or a small lake we’ve just portaged into.  Water is a rejuvenator and energizer.  It’s a source of peace and inspiration.  When I’m away from water for extended periods of time, it’s as if part of me is missing and I’m excited to return to the sights and sounds of water.

Shipping Out

Now that I am on the backside of three weeks of company, I can get back to the care and feeding of my blogs.  On the up side, I always welcome an opportunity to share all the wonderful attributes of our area.  From showing off our city, the parks, the north shore and the many offerings of food and beverages, it’s not hard to find something that appeals to each guest.
During that time I did put in a few days at the Minnesota Slip Bridge and managed to take a few photos and now have time to share them.  Of course a mainstay of working by the harbor is having a front row seat to watch the shipping traffic.  I’m slowly collecting images of as many of the regulars and of the not so regular ships that visit the area.  On this occasion, it’s the CSL Assiniboine headed out to the lake.


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