Storm Clouds

Having a wide open view of the harbor provides a wonderful view of passing storms.  On this day it seemed the storms were coming from everywhere and, in this case, creating a dramatic backdrop for the Aerial Lift Bridge.



Shipping Out

Now that I am on the backside of three weeks of company, I can get back to the care and feeding of my blogs.  On the up side, I always welcome an opportunity to share all the wonderful attributes of our area.  From showing off our city, the parks, the north shore and the many offerings of food and beverages, it’s not hard to find something that appeals to each guest.
During that time I did put in a few days at the Minnesota Slip Bridge and managed to take a few photos and now have time to share them.  Of course a mainstay of working by the harbor is having a front row seat to watch the shipping traffic.  I’m slowly collecting images of as many of the regulars and of the not so regular ships that visit the area.  On this occasion, it’s the CSL Assiniboine headed out to the lake.


More of my images can be seen at Northern Visions Media  And at Monochromia

Late Night at the Slip Bridge

Grandma’s Marathon has come and gone, as well as most of the participants, spectators and vendors.  During the weekend, the Minnesota Slip Bridge was kept open 24 hours a day through 2:30 AM Sunday.  I was the lucky person who tended the bridge from 9:00 PM Saturday till 2:30 AM Sunday.  Intermittent showers and cooler temps may have been a factor in the quiet evening.  Of course there were a few very happy/tippy revelers leaving the festivities as the night wore on, some of who were kind enough to stop and say hello as they passed.

To top things off, there was a lovely sunset, a ship passing under the Aerial Lift Bridge and an opportunity to play with my camera in the wee hours of the evening.


The Bridge Is Open!

Although some tweaking is still taking place, the Minnesota Slip Bridge is back in service.  I enjoyed a lovely Duluth evening tending the bridge, chatting with many happy Duluthians who were very pleased to have the bridge working again.  There were also several convention goers that shared that happiness as they would no longer have to make the trek around the Irvin to get back and forth from the DECC, their hotels and Canal Park.  As always, I had a camera with me so that I could capture some of the sights that make this job so much fun.  I also enjoyed a visit from one of the many forms of wildlife that hang out at the bridge.  He was polite and remained on the outside of the booth for the evening.  And for frosting on the cake, there was a full moon.
Note: the official opening ceremony has been moved to Tuesday, June 13th and I regret that I will not be able to participate on that day.

Training Day

As the repairs finish up on the bridge operators were brought in for training on the new drive system.  It’s quite a change from last year, with the control panel sporting a video screen to track the operation of the bridge.  We got the chance to walk on the bridge and inspect the new rack and pinion drive, the various sensors that will make operation safer and perform test opens and closes of the bridge.  We are all looking forward to the opening ceremonies on June 9th at 10:00 AM, hope to see some of you there.

Work Continues

I stopped by the bridge a few days ago to check on it’s progress.  The electricians were busy working on the electrical system and wiring.  It was interesting to see the new drive components emanating from the top of the bridge and the new electric motors.  I did not get a chance to talk to anyone about how things were proceeding, but hope to on another visit soon.

Welcome back to the Bridge!

The Minnesota Slip Bridge, aka “The Little Blue Bridge”, is not yet open and won’t be till early June.  It is currently undergoing repairs to replace its cables and pulleys with a rack and pinion drive that is designed to solve the frequent breakdowns that have plagued the bridge since in opened in 1991.  Once it reopens, I plan to be back on the job taking photos, greeting visitors and enjoying time by the water.

For more information on the repairs, here’s a story from Minnesota Public Radio.

I will be stopping by the bridge on occasion to follow the repairs and will post updates when I do.


Into Oblivion

Which, in a sense, is what this blog is going to be doing till spring.  The Minnesota Slip Bridge will be put in the down position for the season on October 23rd and will no longer require operators.  I look forward to being back in the spring when it resumes operation.
In the meantime, you can follow my Northern Visions Blog to keep up with my photography.  If you are interested in prints of my work, you can find some at the Art Dock in the Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace or you can order directly from me and save 25%.